About Our Removal Service

For removal, we use our rubber track loader and a dump truck with a container. We load the container with manure and haul it to the nearest certified compost center. We continue until we have taken the number of loads specified by you.

We take most bedding material(s): straw, shredded straw, shavings, pelleted wood beddings, and sawdust. We Do not like soaking wet manure please try to keep it out the rain.

We also ask that you don’t put plastic, baler twine, soda cans, equine medical debris or debris of any kind in the manure pile.

ALL payments are due, in full, same day as work is performed. Remember to download our app for the best access to all our products and pricing.

If you have any questions regarding our service or terms for work and payment, or comments, please feel free to call us 561-790-2347.

Think About This..

When thinking about where to place your manure pit or storage bin remember location is key to having efficient removal service, give it some thought and if you need some help remember we are here to help. We are here to provide quality advice for on-farm management.

What type of storage are you going to be using?

Is there adequate space for trucks and loaders to access the manure pit area?

Are there trees or low wires that will make it difficult for the equipment to maneuver or cause damage to the property?

Is there a hard-packed or stone lane leading to the pile for truck access?

Place your manure storage in an area that will remain relatively dry, don’t put your manure in low spots that will attract water.

Keep it at least one hundred feet away from any well, surface water and out of the path of stormwater runoff from hard-packed banks and barn roofs.

Please make sure our removal service trucks won’t have to cross underground pipes, wires, marshy areas or septic systems that cause property or equipment damage.

If you will need removal during the wet seasons having a dry covered pit near the work area will make the job easier and safer for all.

The proper storage and removal of manure will enhance your property by presenting a better image to the non-horse community. Along with providing sustainable practices of clean animal care, the presence, and prestige that makes your property environmentally friendly.

You will also be helping to eliminate flies, mosquitoes, snakes, and rats that frequently take up housekeeping in old piles.

At Wellington Agricultural Service we are proud to say that we are making a positive impact on our environment. We are proud of the fact that none of the horse manure goes to landfills All of our manure gets recycled in one form or another. By combining our services and giving our customers a variety of programs to fit there needs we can reduce fees and the amounts of trucks that it takes to satisfy the horse farm operation.

Benefits of having
a transfer station

  1. It gives all equestrian and landscape companies to have a central location to serve more customers over a more geographically larger area. This allows us to save a significant amount of money in transportation costs and best of all, we pass that savings on to the customer.
  2. It allows for the small farmer who wants to haul their manure a place to dispose of it and save a little money on their Manure Removal. In addition to that, they can also pick up their bulk horse bedding at the Transfer Station at the same time. This creates an opportunity for double savings.
  3. Having the Transfer Station allows us to stage the Horse Manure we haul at a central location before we ship it out.
  4. Do you prefer a Custom Blend of Shavings? The Transfer Station gives us an area to Custom Blend a Shavings mix for you from our many premium products.
  5. With Palm beach county not having a viable option available for the disposal of Horse Manure, a facility like this will help both the County and the Horseman to have more options and lower costs.