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Wellington Agricultural Services Has Been A Premium Agricultural Service Provider In The Industry For Over 30 Years. We Excel In Delivering Environmentally Friendly, Dependable, And Outstanding Customer Service With Optimal Efficiency In Everything We Do! We Are One Of The Largest Agricultural & Manure Removal Companies In The Palm Beach Area, And Provide The Convenience Of A Recurring Schedule, The Value Of Competitive Pricing, And The Reliability To Know We Will Take Care Of Your Needs.
1 Yard Bin
1 Load
110lb Capacity
Closed Lid Seal
Eliminate Flys and Smells
Protection from Rain.
Wheels for Maneuverability
1 Bucket = 2 Yards
* Minimum 6 Buckets Per Trip
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20 yard service
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25 yards
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 Frequently Asked Questions
You can find all aswers here if you need them

You do not need to use to mobile app you have 2 options. 

1.) Use or Website – Click here Online Booking Service

2.) Call us directly – (561) 790-2347

We pick up 5 Tons of horse manure bedding waste for the price of one load that’s approximately half a truck full.

Our trucks hold up too 10 tons of horse manure bedding this would be considered 2 loads.

The maximum capacity of our waste bins is 110 pounds. On average a horse will produce about 50 pounds of waste per day this is including bedding and the actual Horse Manure.

Yes once your account is set up with Wellington agricultural you can designate the days would like to have your services done, this can be set up on a Recurring schedule along with your invoicing and payments.

We recommend you have your manure pit or your stockpiling area in a location where is easily accessible by large machinery we also recommend you keep your horse manure bedding waste as dry as possible by covering it with a tarp or a roof structure this will ensure maximum capacities of your waste is being hauled.

Wet manure simply weighs too much and does not allow us to haul all of it most of the time.

Our trucks are rated to handle about 10 tons of livestock waste or any materials we haul.

We provide

Livestock waste removal
Skid steer service
Property maintenance

You can request our bins online or via phone.

We provide the bins as long as you have a service contract with us.